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Happy Holidays from Healthy Parks Healthy People Central

2011 been a very exciting year so far for Healthy Parks Healthy People, with a number of exciting developments across the world:

  • The Healthy by Nature forum will take place in Vancouver, Canada on 20-23 September. The forum will bring together a diverse group of professionals from across the world to focus on awareness building, partnership development and action planning based on the physical and mental health benefits of time spent in nature. See Healthy by Nature.
  • The Medibank Community Fund is sponsoring a pilot HPHP program in the Australian city of Geelong, due to launch this (southern) Spring. The program will harness the authority of health care professionals and other people working in the community to refer people to parks for their health and wellbeing. See Medibank Community Fund
  • The US National Parks Service has established Healthy Parks Healthy People US to promote the health and wellbeing of people and the sustainability of the planet. HPHP US has formed a number of exciting new partnerships and a summit was held in San Francisco in April to explore the connections between parks and human health.
  • Institute at the Golden Gate has launched the Parks and Health Guide website, with the aim of bringing people and parks together.

Endorse the

The Melbourne Communiqué is a key outcome of the International Healthy Parks Healthy People Congress 2010. We continue to offer the opportunity for you to personally endorse it, or endorse it on behalf of your organisation.

You can view and endorse the Communiqué here.

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