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Alberta Recreation and Park Association


Alberta Recreation and Park Association

The Healthy Parks Healthy People philosophy underpins many of the recent activities and programs of Alberta Recreation and Park Association (ARPA), Canada. In fact, the agency’s vision, mission and values are all based on the knowledge that healthy parks encourage healthy citizens.

In its vision statement, ARPA envisages ‘a province, and communities within, that embrace and proactively use recreation and parks as essential means for enhancing individual wellbeing and community vitality, economic sustainability and natural resource protection and conservation.’


APRA has established a number of programs in recent years that focus on the health and wellbeing of Alberta communities. These include:

Communities in Bloom
Communities in Bloom is a friendly competition to foster civic pride, environmental responsibility and beautification through community participation and the opportunity to participate in a national program.

Trained, volunteer judges travel to the communities during July and August and conduct their evaluations based on the overall contributions of municipal council and departments, industry, businesses and the private sector, including volunteer efforts.

Communities have recognised numerous benefits from participating in the program:

  • Increased civic pride and community involvement
  • Participation from all ages and walks of life
  • Citizens, groups, organizations, business and municipal government all mobilized and working together
  • Year-round projects and continuous improvement for the entire community
  • Information and cultural exchange within the community and with neighbouring, national and International communities
  • Valuable information and feedback from the judges
  • Decreased vandalism
  • Economic development and increased property values
  • Marketing and promotional opportunities
  • Positive benefits for the tourism, hospitality and retail industries
  • Improved quality of life

  • Communities In Bloom, Alberta Parks and Recreation
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Benefits Portal
This online resource summarises evidence that recreation and parks services really do make a difference. The intent is to provide agencies with an invaluable resource for policy development, planning, marketing, program/service development and/or evaluation. It is intended to be used in not only by the fields of recreation, sport, fitness, parks, arts, culture, and heritage but also by allied fields such as health, social services, education, police/justice, environment, tourism and economic development.

Parks Forum/workshops:
These bi-annual educational events are targeted at providing cutting edge professional development to the Parks and Outdoor Recreation Community.


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