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Human Wellbeing


Evidence shows that exposure to natural environments helps us to cope with stress, illness and injury; gives us a more positive outlook and can improve concentration and productivity. Check here for the latest stories and research about the vital role nature plays in our physical, psychological and emotional wellbeing.

Human Wellbeing Articles

  • Rediscover the woods …

    Slam poet Hollie McNish combines the rhythm and power of her words with beautiful imagery in a clip of her poem called Hidden Woods.

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  • Passion and persistence deliver park access for all

    Passion and persistence deliver park access for all

    What difference can one passionate individual and a committed park management organisation make to giving people of limited mobility access to parks? A huge amount as it turns out, and in Australia that’s exactly what’s happening!

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  • Park Prescriptions: Healthcare and recreation services collaborate

    Park Prescriptions: Healthcare and recreation services collaborate

    Imagine going to visit the doctor and instead of a script for medications, you leave with a Park Prescription, outlining a program of exercise and activity to be undertaken at a local park. For many people in the United States, these park prescriptions are now part of their health care routine.

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  • The future of urban parks

    Amalie Wright, a Brisbane-based landscape architect and author of Future Park: imagining tomorrow's urban parks, writes about what parks mean to communities and the importance of green spaces in urban areas.

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  • Biking: Just what the doctor prescribed

    If an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, how much health can riding a bicycle deliver? A program just launched in Boston, USA is betting it's a significant amount.

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Human Wellbeing Research