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Human Wellbeing


Evidence shows that exposure to natural environments helps us to cope with stress, illness and injury; gives us a more positive outlook and can improve concentration and productivity. Check here for the latest stories and research about the vital role nature plays in our physical, psychological and emotional wellbeing.

Human Wellbeing Articles

  • Sustainable Development Goals – where are we at?

    Sustainable Development Goals - where are we at?

    The concept of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) was created in 2012, at the United Nations (UN) Conference on Sustainable Development, called Rio+20. The SDGs will determine the future development agenda beyond 2015

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  • Benefits for children of time spent in nature

    Time spent playing outdoors is a classic childhood image - but it’s one that has been declining over time due to a range of factors such as increased reliance on technology, reduced free time and perceived safety issues.

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  • Outdoor green gyms in Johannesburg: getting active for free!

    The City of Johannesburg is a rapidly-growing metropolis, the largest city in South Africa, and it faces a series of huge challenges to meet the needs of its population, half of whom are under the age of 35.

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  • Get moving — for your heart’s sake!

    Dr Rob Grenfell was, until recently, the National Director of Cardiovascular Health for the Heart Foundation, an Australian organisation working to reduce the incidence and severity of cardiovascular disease, which accounts for 32% of total deaths in Australia each year. It does not take long to realise why he is such an outspoken and passionate advocate for the inclusion of green spaces in our metropolitan cities.

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  • Consortium of Universities for Global Health: Bridging the Knowledge-Needs Gap

    The 5th annual meeting of the Consortium of Universities for Global Health (CUGH) was held in May 2014 in Washington DC. Over 1450 people attended representing 54 countries and over 205 institutions. The nexus between human health and the environment featured prominently in this year’s CUGH conference, including the issue of food security and health.

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Human Wellbeing Research