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Contemplation of Nature released in Spanish

Topics: Human Wellbeing | Comments

Contemplation of Nature released in Spanish

Ajay Rastogy, founder of the Foundation for Contemplation of Nature, has released the Contemplation of Nature report in Spanish, for those who wish to access it in this language.

Today, the crisis of the environment requires a radical change in human behaviour. Traditional approaches to environmental education, based on the mere transmission of knowledge or outdoor experiences, have failed to reduce the impact of our actions.

Taking advantage of the best of Eastern and Western philosophical traditions, based on current scientific references, Ajay Rastogy proposes a new approach called “Contemplation of Nature”.

This method is similar to a meditation practice. It is about cultivating mindfulness, silence and deep connection with oneself and the natural environment. It does not require any dress code or posture or recitations. In the framework of this practice, respect for nature together with respect for oneself, create a strong moral motivation to act in a consistent manner, thus aligning our behaviours with what our heart says.

To purchase a copy of the report in Spanish click here.


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