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3 ways being in nature can help older adults overcome fatigue

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3 ways being in nature can help older adults overcome fatigue

Albert Park 2Every year, around 1.5 million Australians go to the doctor to seek help for fatigue. While constant tiredness is often associated with working people, this condition can also affect the elderly. Some may think that fatigue may not be detrimental to seniors’ health, but it can lead to a decline in normal everyday functioning.

Fortunately, there are simple ways older adults can overcome fatigue and improve their health, and one is being out in nature. The Healthy Parks Healthy People movement recognises the connections between human health and the environment, and not only does nature have a positive impact on our physical health, but it can also help us relax and boost our mental wellbeing.

Causes of fatigue in seniors

Fatigue in the elderly is often a symptom of other health conditions or emotional problems. Adults aged 65 and older who suffer from constant tiredness may be suffering from depression, social isolation, sleep disorders, or inflammatory disorders. Moreover, the seasons can also affect an older adult’s energy levels. Springtime lethargy, in particular, has been found to affect the elderly and the frail, and this condition can cause seniors to feel tired all the time. To keep our loved ones healthy and happy, it is crucial to find ways to help the elderly cope with fatigue, and being in nature is one of the best ways to do it.

Here’s how being out in nature can help.

Being in nature can decrease anxiety levels

The fast-paced rhythm of the city can be overwhelming for seniors and it can cause anxiety and fatigue. Being out in nature can help to reduce anxiety and stress levels. Studies have even shown that just looking at pictures of nature scenes or plants can have a positive impact on wellbeing. Seniors may find it beneficial to visit nearby nature parks to overcome fatigue and stress.

Nature scenes can energise seniors

Being in nature can be an invigorating experience and it can also improve seniors’ mood. Research shows that spending time out in the fresh air and being out in nature can increase energy in 90% of people. Instead of reaching for a cup of coffee or tea, older adults should spend at least 20 minutes outside in nature each day to boost vitality levels.

It can improve your mood

Spending time in a beautiful park can have psychological health benefits among older adults. The smell of freshly cut grass and fragrant flowers can make you feel calm and happier and improve your overall mood.

Seniors  heading out to parks should bring water to stay hydrated and wear protective clothing to shield themselves from harmful UV rays. Head out and enjoy the beauty of nature for more energy, a healthy body, and a happier you.

Article courtesy of Lucy Wyndham


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